Outcast Digital introduces a new consolidated audio streaming platform, powerful enough for traditional radio broadcasters but priced so that even low-power or internet-only stations can afford it.

Instead of offering separate streaming products for different types of broadcasters, we have now unified everything into a single platform we’re calling CloudStream.

This means everyone now gets access to the full Outcast streaming statistics system with it’s Arbitron-style broadcaster stats and graphs, the real-time live console, and the resilience of cloud-based streaming servers in three countries. Of course all the standard Outcast features are there too, meaning your stream will work on nearly every device out there on the market. (if you find one which doesn’t work, let us know!)

With low starting package prices, monthly contracts, and payment via PayPal, this service should appeal to all types of broadcaster… in fact we’re even offering a free no-obligation trial!

Check out more info about this service on our CloudStream product page.