Setup Guides – Mixer based

Hardware connections

To stream audio from your existing radio or DJ mixer you will need to connect the audio output from your mixer to a computer.

DJ mixer connections

Almost all modern computers have some form of audio input. Laptop’s commonly only have a single socket, often marked as a microphone input.

Desktop computers may have more than one input, usually a microphone input (often coloured pink) and a separate line-in (usually blue coloured) input.

PC audio ports

To connect your computer, you will most likely require a 3.5mm to dual RCA plug cable.

rca lead

This cable should be connected from the audio output sockets on your mixer to the blue line-in socket on your computer (or the microphone socket if you do not have a line-in socket)



Once you have your mixer connected to your computer the next step is to select a software encoder to stream your audio.

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