Setup Guides

The following guides will assist you to get connected using the Outcast CloudStream platform.

Step 1 – What type of station are you?

CloudStream users generally fall into one of two types of user:

  • Computer based

Computer based users means that your entire station is run from a computer directly to the internet or transmitter.

This usually involves running some form of station automation system (E.g, SAM Broadcaster or Station Playlist), or a media player with playlist capability such as Winamp or iTunes. If a microphone is used for voiceovers, then it will also be connected directly to the computer.

Computer based stations usually only require an encoder plugin to be activated on your existing station computer to send the audio stream to the Outcast streaming servers.

I am a computer based user – continue!

  • Mixer Based

Mixer based users are similar to traditional radio stations which use an audio mixer, microphones, and often a computer to handle music playout.

Mixer based stations will usually require an analogue audio connection between the studio mixer into a ‘line-in’ port on a computer which will run an audio encoder application.

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