Frequently Asked Questions / What makes Outcast Digital better than other streaming services?

There are many streaming providers out there today, most of which are based around one particular software package which allows almost anyone to start their own streaming service using very low-cost and unreliable components. These are often hosted on a single low-powered server, with no guarantees that bandwidth will be available when you need it.


Outcast Digital however uses a fully custom built platform and only the most robust industry-proven software along with high-spec hardware hosted in major data-centres. In addition the Outcast Digital platform is not hosted on any one single server, and instead is hosted in no less than 3 separate data-centres as well as on the Amazon EC2 cloud service.

Our staff have many years of experience in IT, Network design and operations, streaming media, and also in radio station operations.


While we have products that cater for ‘bedroom DJs’ and pirate radio stations, our system is primarily designed to be robust enough to support full-scale major commercial broadcasters who cannot afford any downtime, and require features and reports that the various generic streaming services cannot provide.

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