Frequently Asked Questions / What does Outcast Digital actually provide?

Outcast operates Streaming Servers which take a single copy of a piece of source content, and then replicate it for each person on the internet who wishes to receive that content.

To use an Television analogy, Outcast’s streaming servers are like the TV masts and transmitters allowing everyone access to the original content supplied from a TV Studio.

Outcast does not actually create or produce the content, but is responsible for delivering the content to the end users.

Outcast’s service is also unique in that it takes a source feed of one type (e.g. Icecast) and also presents an RTMP feed (for Flash clients), an RTSP feed (for Android, Blackberry and other generic devices), an HTTP Smooth Streaming feed (for Microsoft Silverlight applications), and an HTTP Pseudo-streaming feed (for Apple iOS devices).

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