Frequently Asked Questions / What do I need to get started?

In order to start streaming you must first have a few basic things:

A Content Source

Every stream starts out with some type of content, for example:

  • an audio source such as a DJ mixer attached to an audio input on your computer
  • a playlist of pre-recorded audio or video clips, such as MP3 files or an iTunes library
  • a video camera or webcam attached to your computer

An Internet Connection

To live stream you must be able to send a single copy of your content to the Outcast streaming serverss.

The bandwidth of your available internet connection will determine the maximum quality of your stream

  • A broadband (aDSL) connection is recommended for all CloudStream customers.

An Encoder

An encoder is a software program or hardware device that takes your content, converts it (if necessary) to an appropriate format, then sends it to the Outcast streaming servers.

Outcast CloudStream supports any encoder which uses the industry standard Icecast2 protocol. (see below for more details)

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