Frequently Asked Questions / Can’t I run my own streaming server?


However, streaming servers can be complicated to set up and run correctly, and remember that every person who wants to view your stream will place demands on your home or office bandwidth.

This means that if you are using a 1meg stream and 20 people are viewing it then you will need a 20meg internet connection – more than most residential and many commercial offices have!

Using Outcast’s services, you would only need to send a single copy of that 1meg stream, and Outcast would take care of replicating it and providing bandwidth for all the individual viewers.

Outcast also takes care of presenting your feed in multiple formats to ensure just about anyone can receive it without additional hardware or software.

The Outcast service is also spread across several servers located in data-centres in different parts of the world. This means that a failure of any single server should not cause the service to be unavailable.

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