Reporting and Statistics

oc_stats1All Outcast streaming products include Outcast’s custom dashboard, live map and analytics engine, delivering the usage data you actually need, including the types of statistics used by professional broadcasters all over the world such as Average Quarter-Hour (AQH) listeners and Time Spent Listening (TSL).

View the status of your stream at a glance, including zoomable live graphs to see exactly how busy your stream is, and how close you are to your limits.






Track usage such as listening hours, data transfer, connections including detailed information on listener location, right down to city level.

The fully custom built analysis engine delivers the statistics that can tell you instantly when your stream is popular, and when it’s time to start hiring new DJs. (Try out the demo)


Outcast Live Console image

Outcast Live Map

With the Outcast Live Map you can see exactly how many people are connected to your stream and even see a map of the cities they are connected from, all in real-time using auto-updating graphs and maps.

The Outcast Live Map can even be customised and branded for in-studio use to show your DJs exactly who is listening! (Try out the demo)


Please note: The Outcast Analytics and Statistics system uses several modern web technologies which are not supported by older browsers, especially Internet Explorer 8 or earlier. Please use a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to ensure that all features work correctly.